¿Who we are?

Fundación Tulum is a nonprofit civil association, its history begins in 2006, when it carried out a series of activities that led to its creation and define projects in three key areas, that govern its actions. These are:

  • Education
  • Culture
  • Conservation


To promote educational, cultural, social and ecological projects that will achieve substantial changes oriented toward communities in need.


To promote the communities’ ability to improve their quality of life, prioritizing education, protecting the environment through social assistance, and voluntary contributions for new projects; our foundation will be transparent, self-sustainable, and will be responsible in contributing to make our world better.


GIVE OF ONESELF: Fundamental factor in initiating a better quality of life for others.
QUALITY IN EVERYTHING WE DO: A culture that motivates us to be better human beings and to achieve and complete our projects.
SPIRIT: Our positive attitude is what distinguishes our foundation.
COMMITTMENT: It is this way of thinking that develops our character to be able to implement change.
RESPONSABILITY: Essential attribute to coordinate and progress with our actions.


María Rosa Sandretto

Italian businesswoman and hotels’ owner in Italy and Mexico. She is an architect-decorator and a collector of contemporary art as well.
She has actively participated in various contemporary art museums committees in the United States and Europe, as well as having organized exhibitions of various Mexican artists.
In addition, her trajectory includes, with support from her family, supporting groups in need in various communities throughout Mexico.


María Carolina Sandretto

Fundraiser and a photographer residing in New York.
Her passion for travel and her experience in the nonprofit sector has driven her to become one of the founders of the Fundación Tulum.

With a degree in Political Sciences, Carolina has dedicated her career in the nonprofit sector and she has worked in fundraising along with international organizations focused on children.